DR Storage Tips

Q.What is a Climate Controlled Storage

A.Climate Controlled self storage keeps your belongings at a stable and constant temperature range. Our climate controlled self storage at DR Storage is enclosed to help with humidity as well as resist against dust and pests.

Q.How is your security?

A.We have video surveillance cameras strategically located in and around the facility. The cameras are generally placed at the point of entry and exit, along with other areas around the facility. They record all activity 24/7. Our facility also features an electronic computer-controlled gate system, which can only be opened by a security code that is assigned to each individual tenant. The code also allows us to monitor who is entering and exiting the facility. Other security features include a security perimeter fence and a complete dusk-to-dawn lighting system.

Q.Do you offer RV/boat/car/motorcycle parking?

A.We offer parking spaces from 9x17 to 12x48, including some pull through spaces. Our 10x20 and 10x30 drive-up units in our self storage facility will accommodate your car/boat in covered and enclosed storage.

Q.What's the difference between office hours and gate hours?

A.The office hours are the hours of operation for the property. During these hours, our friendly and professional staff will be available to assist you with your storage needs. The gate hours are the hours when you can gain access to your storage unit, which are 6am to 9pm, seven days a week. If you require storage unit access outside of our standard gate hours, please inquire at the front office.

Q.Can I pay my bill online?

A.Yes, paying your bill online is available on the home page of our web site, and can be processed through the “tenant login” link

Q.When I decide to move out, do I have to give any advanced notice?

A.Yes, a written notice that you will be vacating your unit is normally required, 10-days prior to your move out.

Q.What sizes are available, and how do I pick my size?

A.We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs. Sizes range from 5x5 (25 square feet), to 10x30 (300 square feet). If you’re not quite sure, one of our staff members will gladly show you the different size units available.

Q.Do I have to buy insurance from you to rent a unit?

A.We do not require you to purchase insurance as part of the rental. We do not insure your property/possessions; you have full responsibility to insure them. You may purchase any insurance through a third party.